Remembering is the first level of Bloom's Taxonomy. At this level students are using recall memory to find information about the content being presented. Most lessons will hit on this first level of knowledge, even if it is not the intention of the lesson. We ask students to remember all types of information and apply that information in later levels of Bloom's.

Tech Tools to Use to support Remembering

QUIZLET Quizlet it a great resource for remembering tasks. Students can make flashcards for their upcoming tests. Once they make the flashcards they can test themselves in multiple ways After this lesson students will be able toRemembertheir terms for the upcoming summative assessment by making a set in Quizlet to study from.
SPELLING CITY Spelling City is a great tool for any age. While it is geared towards the younger crowds, you could use this for more complex terms in the secondary level. Educators can type in the words they choose and then share the link with their students to help them study. After this lesson students will be able to Spelltheir weekly words using Spelling City to practice.
Remember NotePad