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Welcome to Tech + Ed! If you are here, you are in need of technology resources to use in your classroom or lesson. This site will constantly be evolving and updating to better fit the needs of our 21st century learners.


Tech + Ed = Success: Our mission statement

The purpose of Tech + Ed is to support educators in their journey to incorporate technology into their classroom in a meaninfulway. While technology will NEVER replace a great teacher, it does support and assist them to make what they are teaching relevant and meaningful. We want to support your leap of faith into the technology and education realm by giving you one place to find tech resources that align with Bloom's Taxonomy levels of knowledge. State standards drive the curriculum and emphasis the level at which your students should be learning the information. Whether it is analyzing or remembering Tech + Ed will have the tech tools to further your lessons reach and therefore your students grasp of the content being taught.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Level of Knowledge Verbs Used Example